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A developer who makes best of it to make high quality plugins.

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Free Plugins

High quality free plugins that suits your server very well along with great support and updates.

Premium/Custom Plugins

Making a awesome plugin that worth every dollar is stressful job. Lucky enough, I'm here to make a high quality premium plugins for your server with awesome support team.



One of the best bank plugin out there, considering It's free! Although the config/language is on Turkish language, you can easily change and translate everything. The features are also very nice and the developer is active and helpful. Highly recommended.

— Craftizz - EnderBank User


I ordered a custom spawner plugin from here. Great support and fixes were really quick. Thanks for making such a great plugin!

— ByNeels - Custom Plugin


Although thats a new plugin, I can say that this is better than most bank plugins. As an extra, the support was quick and relevant, thank you.

— Eren - EnderBank User